Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Microwave Lemon Cake

I mentioned in an earlier post about the BBC GoodFood magazine that I thoroughly enjoy reading, and how my hubby dear surprised me with an annual subscription when we moved to the US two years ago. More on the story here…That subscription ran out and then with the new baby and house, we didn't renew it.

A month ago, I opened the mailbox and there it was, the magazine. As I had started blogging, he surprised me with yet another annual subscription. Was I thrilled or what.

This lemon cake (although called as a lemon pudding in the magazine) is perfect when you don’t have enough time to prepare and bake, but want a quick sweet fix. It takes 5 minutes to prepare and 4 minutes to make. And best of all it is made in the microwave and not in the oven.

  • 100g/4oz Caster sugar
  • 100g/4oz-softened butter
  • 100g/4oz self raising flour
  • 2 eggs
  • Zest of lemon (I used zest of orange)
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 4 tbsp lemon curd

Mix the sugar, butter, flour, eggs, lemon/orange zest and vanilla together till creamy, then spoon into a medium microwave proof-baking dish.
Microwave on high for 3 minutes, turning half way through cooking, until risen and set all the way through. Leave to stand for a minute.

Meanwhile, heat the lemon curd for 30 seconds in the microwave and stir until smooth. Pour all over the top of the cake and serve with a dollop of whipping crème, scoop of ice cream or just as it is.

Lemon curd is not readily available in some countries, and I have had some request for the recipe to make Lemon curd. Also, you could substitute Lemon drizzle for Lemon curd, which is an easy option and requires only two ingredients. :-) The recipe for Lemon curd and Lemon drizzle follows.

Lemon Curd

  • 4 lemons, rind and juice
  • 4 eggs
  • 110g/4oz butter
  • 450g/1lb sugar


Grate rind of lemons and squeeze out juice. Put sugar, rind and juice, butter and beaten eggs into a large basin on top of a pan of simmering water. Stir with a wooden spoon until thick and curd coats the back of the spoon. Pour into warm sterile jars, cover, seal and label. Refrigerate.

Lemon Drizzle:

  • 50g/2oz icing sugar
  • 1 lemon, juice only

Make the lemon drizzle topping by mixing together the sugar and lemon juice.
Spoon over the cake.


Happy cook said...

You have a real sweet husband so thoughtfull of him.
I have never made a cake in MW.
Looks really delicious

my comfort food said...

Thanks...he is sweet and thoughtful. This was the first time I made a cake in the MW myself...It was a good cake for the time it tool to prepare and bake. 9 minutes in total.

lan said...

hi comfort food
thanks for coming by my blog and the nice comment. your blog is beautiful!
the pictures esp are good quality.
will come back later to read all of it:-)

Mona said...

Wow! A cake done in the microwave!! Am gonna try this. Thnx for sharing!!

shreya said...

ur cake looks lovely. can u please tell me which microwave u own. coz i m planning to buy one. thank u

My comfort food network said...


Thanks for visiting me. I hope to post more recipes and improve my photography skills a bit. Keep visiting!


Do try the cake. It is really quick and don't forget the lemon curd. The lemon curd, really adds to the lemony taste. I will post more ways to use the lemon curd some time soon.


I have a GE microwave, don't know the exact model number but if your interested then I can try to find out.

Nandita said...

came here from the round up. My friends and cousins who love to make cakes, but dont have a regular oven, I have emailed your recipe to them...we dont get lemon curd even in the best of supermarkets in Bombay, any substitutions you can recommend?

My comfort food network said...


I have updated the blog with the recipe for Lemon curd, and also for Lemon Drizzle. I am also going to post the substitute for Self raising flour. Hope this will help.

Chelvam Rajesvaran said...

Just wanted to let you know what a success this recipe was! It was so easy to prep and make, and the cake tasted lovely. Thanks!

My comfort food network said...

Thank you Chelvam, I am glad you liked the cake. Easy too right?